Stoned By Pepi



I am a young woman trying to find my footing on the ground. Lost in the big city of New York, pacing to make a name for myself. I grew up here but New York City is the biggest stranger in my life, it's easy to lose your grip on life.

I am a licensed Cosmetologist based out of NYC. I graduated from Empire Beauty School in 2018. I specialize in natural hair, express blowouts, and hair cutting.

I venture in the line of playing the role of a model, creative director, and designer. My hobbies consist of custom clothing and accessories, jewelry making, graphic design, and business card design.

I always believed, do what your heart tells you, it will make you happy. So why not live real? Either that, or die fake.

-PEPi xoxox

If ever you need to reach me: [email protected]